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Swiftymig v3 with 3 ID login + Auto like vote

After great success of swiftymig v1 and v2 I'm pleased to announce swiftymigv3.jar. It is much better and stable than old versions with few more features and bug fixes.

What's New?
* Commnads (.fl, .p, etc.) are visible in room now
* You don't need to click Auto Like link manually, v3 will run the auto like script for you after predefined interval, you should use interval 5 to 10 minutes. You can disable Auto Like vote system by putting 0 in interval
* You can view your like votes bye using ".like" command. But this will be updated every 5 minutes. (Usefull for all who want to save GPRS data)
* You can send instant flood with this command ".fl 5flood_text" (flood_text will be repeated 5 times, replace 5 with some other number to increase or decrease number of times you want to flood)
* Chat reflection feature is added. You can login 2 extra IDs in v3 and private on these IDs will be reflected or forwarded to your main ID. So you can Login and read /write private chats of 3 IDs on a single mig (You will love it if you know details)

Here i will only discuss "chat reflection feature" in detail.
What is chat reflection?
Chat Reflection: you can login 2 extra IDs with v3 and chat of these 2 IDs will be reflected (or forwarded) on your Main ID So you can read and reply to private chats for 3 IDs on a single mig.

How to use chat reflection?
You might be thinking this feature is complicated like it's name or working. No no this is too much easy.
* Goto settings page by pressing # button or by using ".set" command. then press menu and click "power IDs".
* Enter the ID and password of your ID that you want to use at background. you can leave second ID field blank if you just want to login 1 extra ID.
* Press menu, save settings, again menu then press "Login ID1" your ID will be logged in shortly and you will get alert in case of successfull login.
* Now close settings page and login your main ID at swiftymig. thats all, Now all the chat of your background ID will be reflected on your main ID that you login via swiftymig.
* You can reply "reflected" message as you normally reply any chat meesage, but it might be delivered to the target in 2 ways. if "self Answer mode" in power IDs page is checked then reply will be sent via you Main ID. if "Self Answer Mode" is unchecked reply will be sent by background ID.

How to know if a private chat message is for my main ID or background ID? (Or how to detect reflected message)
There is a "!" sign before the user ID of reflected message. Application of Chat reflection:
* I will use swiftymig v3 at my new ID "swf" and login old ID within swiftymig at background (v3 can login 2 extra IDs). All the chat at my old ID ( will be reflected (or forwarded) to my new ID "swf". i can read the private chat of "" id at "swf" id. I can even reply to these privates either by "swf" or "" isnt it a magic?
* Non-multitasking phone users can chat at 3 IDs at a time, no need to switch applications.

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