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Mig33 Definition

MiG33 is a mobile instant messaging application developed in Australia that runs on GPRS/3G mobile phones with Java support. It has an inbuilt mobile VoIP service and a range of communication tools including chat, SMS and instant messaging.
Mig33 also provides facilities to login to Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Google Talk messaging networks from your cellphone and chat with your Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Google Talk contacts and this few of MIG definition.

MiG = Mikoyan & Gurevich (Russian aircraft designers)
MIG = Mach Interface Generator
MIG = Made in Germany (gaming clan)
MIG = Make it GREAT
MIG = Managed Intensive Grazing
MIG = Management Information Gateway
MIG = Marauder Intruder Group (Motorcycle CluMIG=MCE Interface Group)
MIG = Medicaid Inspector General
MIG = Memory Interface Generator
MIG = Men in Gold
MIG = Message Implementation Guide (EDI/EC messages)
MIG = Metal Inert Gas (welding)
MIG = MIDB & IPA for GCCS (Modernized Integrated Data Base & Image Product Archive for Global Command and Control System)
MIG = Middle-Income Group (India)
MIG = Mind in Gutter
MIG = Minimum Income Guarantee (UK pensions)
MIG = Mitochondria Interest Group
MIG = Mobile Internet Gateway
MIG = Model Interface Guide
MIG = Molybdenum Inert Gas (welding)
MIG = Moments in Grace (band)
MIG = Monitoring Ion Gauge
MIG = Monokine Induced by Interferon-gamma (cytokine that leads to cell death by necrosis)
MIG = Moore Iacofano Goltsman Inc.
MIG = Moving Image Gateway
MIG = Multiple Image Geopositioning
MIG = My Image Gallery (photo album/management software)
MIGG = MRA Implementation Guide Group
33 = Jumlah staff awal berdirinya Mig33


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